About:This project aims to have a full translation for the KDE interface by translating messages in certain files to Arabic. This is done by translating strings used in the KDE interface ( POT --> PO ).

Start Date:Aug 20, 2001
Status: 40% done.
Contributors:hosny :: zal_saidi :: alsharif :: ahusseini :: sibrahim :: akkad
Mailing List:Doc

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  • Here's a CVS HOWTO for those not familiar with Arabeyes' CVS.
  • Here's a bar-graph status of our current work (local repository).
  • Here's a bar-graph status of our current work (remote repository).





IDDue DatePriorityStateAssigned ToDescription
212003-05-01NormalInProgresselzubeirReview translation
992003-08-25HighInProgresselzubeirRecruit new translators
1902007-05-09HighPendingNoneQA: Review translations

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History Log 

(Sep 09, 2006)
A new translation procedure was set for KDE translations. New contributors are welcome. Join the KDE translation project by registering and posting to the doc mailinglist.

(Aug 10, 2004)
Isam Bayazidi syncs and merges KDE's translation files with KDE-3.3 HEAD. The files are available for checkout from Arabeyes' CVS under the KDE_3_3 tag. Details noted in this post.

(Jun 27, 2004)
The Arabeyes CVS has been sync'ed with the KDE CVS (both ways) for the 3.2 KDE branch. More information in this post.

(Jun 12, 2004)
KDE 3.2.3 is released. Arabic is now standard in the official distro. Have fun! ;-)

(May 10, 2004)
(from KDE website)
Release 3.2.3 KDE will be released on May 29th
Announcement will be roughly a week later. we're currently at 52% and growing with 100% completeness status for inclusion in the official distro

(Apr 27, 2004)
Semi-daily KDE Sync committed. Status: 512 PO files were processed
29100 translated, 22234 fuzzy, 9890 untranslated
(47.53% translated, (36.32% fuzzy)
0 unopened POTs
for more information please see:
KDE Wiki

(Jan 10, 2004)
Ahmad Zawawi assumes project coordinator & leader role on KDE in this thread.

(Oct 15, 2003)
A long overdue merge of our CVS with KDE's main CVS performed! Please update your CVS working copies before continuing your translations.

(Apr 18, 2003)
Merged all PO's with KDE's CVS server. This also included the addition of many new PO files.

All work now is concentrated on the KDE HEAD branch. Please update your local working copies.

(Mar 01, 2003)
Arabeyes CVS is sync'ed with KDE's and M. Elzubeir posts a project status report.

(Feb 28, 2003)
After a long search and a lot of confusion, M. Elzubeir takes the KDE-i18n coordinator job again.

A roadmap for the translation process is due in a week's time on the 'doc' list, so keep your eyes on your mailboxes ;)

(Nov 24, 2002)
A bug in QT causes broken Arabic shaping and RTL. This bug was reported today, you can find the report here 51143. The bug report page includes a screenshot that shows the bug.

(Nov 03, 2002)
The KDE translation has been sync'ed with the main KDE repository. For more information, read this post.

(Sep 11, 2002)
Koffice 1.2 is released, it has reasonable Arabic langauge support, and it includes Arabic Interface. for more info Click Here

(Aug 15, 2002)
After a long 'slowdown' in translation, the KDE translation files are updated.

We are now working in the KDE 3.1 tree, to get Arabic in the next major release of KDE after KDE 3.0

(Jul 02, 2002)
KDE 3.0.2 released which contains the latest Arabic translation

To get the translation files go to:
  • For Mandrake: click here
  • For SuSe: click here
  • Other: click here

(May 23, 2002)
KDE 3.0.1 released. It contains the latest and best Arabic translation for KDE.

To get the translation files go to:

(May 13, 2002)

Translation files (PO files) got commited to KDE CVS. KDE 3.0.1 is expected in the very next weeks.

KDE 3.0.1 will include an even more consistant, more reliable Arabic Interface.

(May 01, 2002)

Screenshots of KDE3 in Arabic were created and put here. Thanks to Hicham Amaoui for taking the screenshots and creating the site.

(Apr 29, 2002)

Isam Bayazidi announced that translators have until May 4, 2002 to get their translation into KDE 3.0.1 release.

Bayazidi also noted that the priorities are: kdeutils, koffice, kdenetwork, etc. He has asked to ignore kdeedu and the docs/ module for now.

(Apr 04, 2002)

KDE 3 release was announced today. It is the first KDE release that has Arabic Language support along with a translated Arabic User Interface done by translators of Arabeyes.. Way to GO !!

(Mar 22, 2002)

Isam committed translation files to KDE CVS to make everything set for KDE 3.0 release expected soon.

(Jan 24, 2002)

Sayed Al-Mosawi single-handedly (with some help from Isam) brought us back to 100% on kdebase/ -- keep up the EXCELLENT work !!

Isam notes KDE's deadline as well as the various weekly updates and makes a call to previous contributors for help.

(Jan 04, 2002)

Congratulations to all the translators for completing kdebase/ !!!

What's next is discussed in detail on the 'doc' mailing-list

And a plan is generated :-)

Yasser Chaddad is put in charge of quality control (ie. making sure everything that was translated is in the best form possible)

(Jan 02, 2002)

The KDE translation team welcomes new members: Waseem Bakr, Sayed Al-Mosawi, Khalid Al-Shashai, Ibrahim El-Shafei, and Yasser Chaddad (in no particular order). This comes as a final push to ensure an acceptable Arabic interface on KDE.

The CVS hierarchy has been drastically re-structured, to reflect a more logical and extendible system.

We are very close to completing kdebase/ - let's do it !!!

(Dec 13, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir updates the CVS with the main KDE CVS.

M. Elzubeir points out that KDE3 is scheduled to be released February.

So more efforts are needed.

(Dec 01, 2001)

Arabic Translation FAQ is now available here

(Nov 08, 2001)

Mohammed Eldesoky roars into the team with a good number of commits. Welcome Aboard and keep those translated files coming :-)

Ayman Najjar joins the team as well by making a file 'commit'. Welcome, glad you could help.

Isam reminds everyone of the importance of the 'commit' message (or comment).

(Nov 01, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir syncs-up with KDE proper and downloads their new files for the expected term changes :-)

Isam announces the necessary and expected steps to undertake for these new temporary changes.

Mohammed Gamal, "the Machine", wonders what ever happened to all the other active translators ?

(Oct 11, 2001)

Mohammed Gamal ponders aloud on the doc mailing list the reasons for why there has been so little activity ately.

Nadim adds the necessary code so as to update the completion percentage shown above automatically. He also links it to the bar-chart to note individual file progress.

(Oct 04, 2001)

Majed finishes Isam's work in kdelibs.po. The main file is done !!

Translators are working hard in kdebase folder; completeion expected soon - way to go !

Isam notifies translators on common syntax mistakes, and urges them to use "msgfmt" prior to checking their files in.

(Sep 30, 2001)

Mohammed Gamal, "the Machine" :-), gets praised for his outstanding work and initiative - many on the doc mailing-list complement him on his speed, dedication and thoroughness. Mr. Gamal we salute you for a job well-done !!!

Five new members join the translation team as official commit'ors. Welcome, Ammer Alsabbagh, Mohammed Halabi, Majid Moggamel, Ghaith Nasrawi and Mohammed Yousif.

(Sep 26, 2001)

Mohammed Gamal goes on a rampage and completes an entire directory - kdeaddons :-) WOW - excellent work !!!

Isam puts forth a priority list of files to be translated (file-in-root-dir, kdebase, kdeutils, kdenetwork, koffice & so on..)

Isam also challenges new team members, Ayman, Gaith, Azzadine and others to contribute.

(Sep 25, 2001)

Mohammed Gamal certifies desktop.po as DONE. It is our first real big file to be completed. Well done !!!

(Sep 23, 2001)

Nadim adds a status bar-graph page (link below) to note progress and to underscore the immense amount of work still needed.

(Sep 20, 2001)

Isam writes a WinCVS HOWTO instruction file (link below) in Arabic on how to translate files within the windows environment.

(Sep 08, 2001)

Sultan Mohammed makes his first check-in (welcome aboard).

Mohammed Gamal jumps-in and contributes as well (glad to have you).

If you want your name listed, you better hurry only the next lucky few will be noted.

(Sep 01, 2001)

Isam Bayazidi continues to forge ahead (2 new files) with a challenge call to others :-)

(Aug 31, 2001)

Isam Bayazidi was the FIRST to translate a file 8)

Mohammed Elzubeir uploaded the Translation Standards document.

(Aug 29, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir uploaded to Arabeyes' CVS all of KDE's .pot files that need to be translated.


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